Should I Get My Alloy Wheels Refurbished?

Should I Get My Alloy Wheels Refurbished?

12 March 2021

Alloy wheels are an expensive addition to your car and even though they will be well looked after, sometimes you can’t plan for the unexpected and for that reason they may get dents, kerb scratches and scuffs.

But does that mean you have to replace the entire wheel? In this article, we give you a few reasons why it’s better to have them refurbished instead.

It can be expensive

Alloy wheels not only look great, but they can help improve a car’s performance. With that in mind, alloy wheels are not cheap, and they can set you back a pretty penny, so while the first instinct will be to go out and buy a brand-new wheel, we can tell you now - you don’t need to. 

We can help you

If you want to bring your alloy wheels back to their best, then we can help. At JD Wheels, our alloy wheel technicians use state of the art equipment to provide you with a cost-efficient refurbishment service.

We take extreme care when we work on your alloy wheels and set a high standard for completion and quality.

We can refurbish both the front and back wheels of your car and are able to remove the most common scuffs, scratches as well as bring back the wheel’s original colour. 

We can also apply a new colour to your painted or diamond-cut wheels, with an efficient process that involves repairing any damage before applying a new primer, paint and then a new coat of lacquer to preserve the finish.

As good as new

JD Wheels can remove any damage and re-paint your wheel making it almost new again. We recommend that this treatment is best applied to all four wheels to ensure a colour match but we can also apply to a single damaged wheel if needed.

As a team, we are passionate about surpassing your expectations and will do our best to remove all imperfections to ensure your wheels appear as good as new.

Contact the experts

At JD Wheels, our alloy wheel technicians can tackle any wheel refurbishment job no matter how difficult the repair. We take the time to assess the damage and you can expect nothing less than a professional service.

If you would like more information about our mobile alloy wheel refurbishment service, then you can get in touch with one of our team here. Alternatively, you can call us on 07903 914822 or email jd-wheels@hotmail.com

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